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Student Sues School Over Gym Injury

A student was injured when she was hit in the head with a tennis ball.



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    A Trumbull teen is suing the town, claiming she was seriously injured after being hit by a tennis ball in gym class.

    Gym class is supposed to be a place where kids learn sportsmanship, get in shape and learn healthy habits they can take with them throughout their lives. 

    But, as the Connecticut Post reports, that's far from what happened to a Trumbull teen.

    Kristen Sileo's family is suing the town of Trumbull and the Board of Education after she was struck in the head by a tennis ball during gym class at Trumbull High School in 2008.

    Sileo's attorney, Sean McElligott, said she sustained a traumatic brain injury during the incident and suffers from memory loss and persistent post-concussion syndrome.

    The incident when Sileo was 14 and the students were playing a baseball-like game with a racket and a ball. 

    McElligott said the school was negligent in allowing that kind of game in a confined space and didn't provide any protective equipment. 

    "It doesn't appear to be the type of activity that would be part of a regular gym class," McElligott told the Post.

    Sileo's family is seeking unspecified damages to cover medical expenses. 

    Trumbull's superintendent declined to comment to the Associated Press, citing the pending litigation.