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Hartford Mayor To Investigate City's Dispatch Center



    Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra is Investigation the Cities Emergency Dispatch Center after a number of highly publicized mistakes by it's staff. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 20, 2013)

    Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has just launched an investigation into the city’s Emergency Dispatch Center after a series of high profile problems.  
    “I’m very concerned,” Mayor Segarra explained.  

    Those concerns have prompted him to look into the operations of that dispatch center and get some answers.

    “To ensure our citizens get exactly what they're entitled to…and that's the best,” Segarra explained.
    Segarra says that he just started to analyze all of the workers including supervisors after at least three highly publicized issues.  

    Last week on Linnmoore Street a dispatcher sent police to a wrong address almost a mile away from the correct location after reports of gunshots. The correct address was audible on the 911 call.  
    Officers eventually showed up and found nothing, but neighbors discovered a body in a yard the next morning.  

    Those cops are currently being looked into and well as the dispatcher.  

    In the 911 call, the female dispatcher hung up on a woman in the neighborhood who called for help because the caller wouldn’t give her name.
    In July, another civilian dispatcher made a racial slur over a police radio.  

    Lastly, two years ago Hartford Police missed a body in a home on Goodrich Street.  

    When they showed up, a dispatcher made a mistake and turned them away.  

    Officers found the body months later when someone dialed 911 again.  
     “I’m conducting a re-calibration of these departments going into their operations to see how efficient or not efficient they might be doing,” Mayor Pedro Segarra said.  

    He said that the issues cannot continue and he could make some major changes when his investigation is complete.  

    “Based on what I determine, I will take swift and appropriate action to make sure our citizens are getting the services they're entitled,” Segarra added.
    He expected to complete this investigation by the end of next week.