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Hartford Neighborhood Wants Eyesore Gone

A home that was knocked down last year still sits as a pile of rubble.



    Hartford Neighborhood Wants Eyesore Gone
    NBC Connecticut

    A debris pile has been sitting in between two houses on Edgewood Street in Hartford for more than a year.  People who live nearby are sick of waiting for someone to remove it.

    It's the neighbor no one wants.

    "It's unacceptable behavior for whoever is responsible," neighbor Lawrence Williams said.  "Somebody should be getting this up."

    A snow storm last year caused the roof of the house at 270 Edgewood Street to collapse.  The structure was later demolished.  But the rubble remained.

    A city of Hartford spokesperson said the debris removal company placed a lien against the property owner for non-payment.  Tax records show Edgewood Park Apartments on the Park, LLC is the owner. 

    As a result, concerned neighbors are stuck with the fallout. 

    "I believe that the north end of Hartford is being neglected by the city," Williams said.

    Outsiders have dumped trash near the lot and the debris heap has attracted drug dealers, according to neighbors.  They are also concerned high winds could throw loose debris and hurt someone.

    And then there are the animals.

    "All kind of raccoons, rats, possums digging holes under my house," Jerome Charles said.  "I'm sick of it."

    Charles said he's been to City Hall six times to complain with no results.

    The city told NBC Connecticut it sent a notice of violation to the owner, but received no reply.  Hartford officials are now planning to remove the rubble this week, saying it is in the "best interest of the neighborhood."

    The mess could be removed as early as Wednesday.  The pile will cost $43,750 to remove, according to officials who said they may take the property owner to court to recoup that money.