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New Britain to Introduce New School System

Next year, the city will return to a neighborhood school system.



    New Britain to Introduce New School System


    The New Britain Board of Education has voted to introduce a new neighborhood school system beginning in the next school year.
    The board voted in favor of “Plan C” which stipulates that that new attendance zones, basically district lines, be drawn around each school. Students will be assigned a school based on these new zones.

    Currently, students can attend any school in the district.

    Under the new system, any 5th or 8th grader will have the opportunity to stay at their current school. However, if they choose this option, transportation will not be provided for them to or from school.
    Also, if they have a sibling who is not in 5th or 8th grade, that sibling will have to go to their new designated school.
    The board is giving the  5th and 8th  graders the option to stay in their current school because they are in their last year at the school. Fifth graders in elementary and 8th graders in middle school.
    On April 8th, the school district will have the new attendance zones drawn up and will meet to discuss the new zones.
    At that time, parents of 5th and 8th graders will have to inform the school board of their decision to either have their child attend their new school or remain at their current school.
    All of this information is according to Kate Roy, New Britain Schools Communications Director