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Police Identify Fatal Kidnapping Victim, Search for Suspect

A 26-year-old Hartford man died after being kidnapped and shot in the head yesterday. He was found on the side of the road in Portland.



    A 26 yr old Hartford man died after being kidnapped and shot in the head. Police are searching for suspect (Published Friday, Sept. 6, 2013)

    A man who was kidnapped in Hartford, shot in the head and left for dead on Riverview Street in Portland on Thursday afternoon has died, according to police.

    Police have identified him as Christopher "T.J." Jefferson, 26, of Bond Street in Hartford, and said he died Friday morning.

    A witness called police after finding the man unconscious on the side of the road, according to authorities. Neighbors said he was found half naked and wearing only boxers.

    Police are searching for a suspect and said they have some strong leads.

    “It was mind-blowing," said Melissa Rondinone, who lives down the street. "Nothing like this ever happens in Portland.”

    Investigators said a driver called for help when the person spotted a man lying in the grass with only half his clothes on around 3 p.m.

    When detectives arrived on Riverview Street, they found Jefferson, who had been shot in the head, badly beaten and was unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital, where he died on Friday.

    “It’s very scary, very. I’m just in shock right now,” said Rondinone.

    A witness, identified only as Glenda, said she watched the whole thing happen. Glenda said the suspect's car ran a stop sign, and that the woman driving had a gun.

    She described the driver as having a "tan complexion" and curly hair.

    According to police, Jefferson was kidnapped an hour earlier on Bond Street in Hartford and was taken away in a black Mercedes.

    Detectives spent hours looking for clues in the area and are trying to find out the possible motive.

    Portland police, Hartford police and the State Police Major Crimes Division are investigating.