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"Rolling Tomato" Keeps On Rolling



    Norwich food truck owner dreams of food truck (Published Tuesday, Sept. 3, 2013)

    Bob Currier set aside the crust he was tossing and picked up the pizza peel to turn pies around in his wood-fired oven aboard his food truck, the Rolling Tomato.

    Currier bought a lot on West Town Street in Norwich hoping to start a food truck park. He had company from other food trucks until the town government said business regulations needed to be in place.

    For now, Currier is on his own on West Town Street, but he said business is booming.

    "The location, the food trucks, and then actually the wood-fired pizza on top of that," Currier said. "It's kind of unique and so I kind of hit at the right time, just by chance. That's kind of how it works."

    Currier described his move to Norwich as a "perfect storm."

    He left his post in several other towns where the town governments didn't know how to regulate his business. Norwich, he said, is "vendor-friendly" on the whole.

    Over the weekend, Currier acquired an adjoining lot. Now he's thinking of moving the Rolling Tomato there after the other vendors return.

    Currier said it will take the city government a few months to enact any regulations, and the other vendors won't be back until then.