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SWAT Team Called to Glastonbury Home



    SWAT Team Called to Glastonbury Home

    Local police and a SWAT team were called to a home on Knollwood Drive Sunday afternoon.

    Officials staged in front of  the residence near Shady Hill Lane. The road was closed for several hours.

    A resident in the area said police were in full combat gear and surrounded the nearby woods.

    Authorities said residents are safe and the incident was a precautionary response after a woman made a call saying she was "being threatened".  When police arrived, she was gone.

    "I can say to the residents in the neighborhood that everything is okay. The area is secure. We are just trying to locate a woman at this time. It's really just more of a well being check at this point to make sure everything is okay," said James Kennedy from the Glastonbury Police Dept.

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