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Student's Fundraiser Saves Meatball the Dog



    A local school helped raise money to save the life of a dog in need (Published Thursday, June 5, 2014)

    A special fundraiser that a Clintonville Elementary School student in North Haven started helped save the life of a dog named Meatball.

    "It makes me feel really good,” the student, Taya Stanley said.

    Meatball was one of the many dogs waiting to be adopted at the Animal Haven Shelter in North Haven. In the meantime, Meatball also sat in need of surgery to both of his ears.

    "He had a very bad infection that was from neglect, due to his previous owners," Animal Haven Coordinator, Michelle DeRosa said. "He needed the surgery because it would have gotten infected in his lower ear and he could have eventually ended up dying."

    The shelter couldn’t afford the surgeries, so Stanley stepped in.

    "First we did a sports day spirit day to help raise money, then we did a cutest pet contest and then a Meatball for Meatball fundraiser," said Stanley.

    Stanley, along with her classmates raised $2,000 dollars for Meatball's surgery, saving the dog's life.

    The money raised will help pay for Meatball's medications and help the other animals at Animal Haven.

    "Such as a cat had come to us, who was severely abused so she has seizures due to abuse, so we will use that money for animals who are in need,” DeRosa said.