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Teen Faces Judge In Attempted Bomb Making Case

A local priest was so concerned about Bass he went to police.



    Teen Faces Judge In Attempted Bomb Making Case
    East Windsor Police
    Kyle Bass is accused of trying to make bombs and making references to both the Newtown and Boston tragedies.

    An East Windsor teen charged with trying to make bombs appeared in court on Monday.

    Kyle Bass, 18, of 116 Winkler Road, is being held on a $750,000 bond.

    The arrest warrant in the case remains sealed, however prosecutors revealed new details from the investigation.

    Rev. Paul Gotta, of the St. Philip Catholic Church in East Windsor, became so concerned about Bass that he approached police, according to prosecutors.

    Rev. Gotta told police Bass made threats against his school, the Metropolitan Learning Center in Bloomfield, while referencing the Newtown shootings and the Boston Marathon bombings, prosecutors said.

    Rev. Gotta also told police Bass had weapons and had the ability to make bombs, according to prosecutors.

    Authorities searched the teen's home and found shotguns, rifles, military-style ammunition, casings, PVC piping, and much more, prosecutors said.

    Bass admitted making a smoke bomb and trying to make a pipe-based potato cannon, prosecutors said.

    His attorney, Scott Abkowicz, said Bass denies making any comments about the Newtown or Boston tragedies, and pointed out that he cooperated with police.

    Bass has been ordered to have no contact with Rev. Gotta, the St. Philip Catholic Church, or the Metropolitan Learning Center.

    He's due back in court June 25.