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Woman Loses Another Dog to Pit Bull Attack

A Bristol woman says the same pit bull fatally attacked a second dog



    When Sue Taylor took her dog outside early on Sunday morning, the unthinkable happened.
    Cassie, her 4-year-old pit bull-Shepard mix, was attacked by her neighbor's pit bull.

    "The dog came from the front of the bushes and just jumped her and started tearing at her," Taylor recounted.

    Cassie's injuries were so severe, she was forced to put the dog down.

    "She just laid there and it bled all over the porch because she was hurt so bad," Taylor said.

    Concerns After Dog Attack

    [HAR] Concerns After Dog Attack
    A Bristol Pit Bull has had multiple reported attacks on people and dogs, and now neighbors want the dog removed.
    (Published Tuesday, June 19, 2012)

    It's the second time in six months that one of Taylor's dogs was fatally attacked by the same dog, she said.

    In December, her 9-year-old dog had to be put to sleep.

    Taylor said both her dogs were lovable animals that never bothered anyone.

    Last year, the pit bull attacked and killed a dog across the street, a neighbor was hurt as well. After that incident, the dog was put in quarantine for a week before it was given back to the owner.

    "There have been three incidents already, it's been reported, what else is it going to take?" neighbor, Arnaldo Lopez, questioned.

    Over the weekend, neighbors said the dog's owner passed out and her door was open. They added that she's never home and often keeps the dog locked up all day long. No one was home when NBC Connecticut stopped by her apartment on Tuesday night.

    Taylor wants the pit bull's owner held responsible and the dog locked up.

    Bristol Police are investigating. No charges have been filed yet.