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5 Injured in Ceiling Collapse at UConn Health Center



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    A construction worker is taken out on a stretcher after he and two others were injured in construction accident on the campus of the UConn Health Center in Farmington Thursday.

    Five workers were injured after a ceiling on the fourth floor of a lab building on the UConn Health Center campus in Farmington collapsed Thursday.

    The workers were doing demolition as part of a renovation project when the ceiling came down on them, according to a UConn Health Center spokesperson.

    UConn police and fire crews and a Farmington fire crew responded to the scene.

    "There were no patients, no researchers, no UConn Health Center employees were here," said Chris DeFrancesco.

    The injured workers were taken to the emergency room at the John Dempsey Hospital at the UConn Health Center.  The injuries appear to be non life-threatening, officials said.  Four of the workers were released from the hospital Wednesday evening. 

    Researchers on lower floors were not affected by the accident.

    "The floors below are lab work.  Those are active spaces.  That's all continuing.  There will be no more construction or demolition work until further notice," DeFrancesco said.

    Wiese Construction is the contractor performing the demolition work at the site.