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Yale Police Warn Students About Laptop Thefts



    Police want students to be on alert after several laptop thefts were reported stolen while left unattended at coffee shops and other businesses on or around the Yale campus. (Published Tuesday, April 9, 2013)


    A man who stole laptops when no one was looking has been  arrested but it's a crime police that are still telling Yale students to be on the lookout for.
     Yale police say they have  arrested a man for grabbing two computers of the Blue State Coffee, a York Street shop.

    " I think there's this false sense of security in being here for so long and not having anything stolen from me," said Courtney Kaplan, a senior at Yale, whose laptop was snatched the other day from another New Haven coffee shop. "You'd think that after four years in New Haven you'd know not to leave your stuff unattended. It's common sense especially in a public place."
    Matt Trapani also fell victim.

    "Keep it within your eyesight and if you don't trust the people around you you shouldn't be trusting them," Trapani said.
    Helena Kranjc is the supervisor at Blue State and has worked with Yale and New Haven Police to track down the suspect. She says the man would come in when they were crowded and blend in.

    "It's kind of hard to because we're so busy up here," Kranjc says. "Don't leave your laptops unattended. Even when I'm sitting here in my own shop I don't leave stuff laying around or make sure someone is watching it."
    Yale police say recent incidents have included thefts of laptops in residential dorms and classrooms as well as local businesses. College police have added 20 police bikes to patrols while New Haven police have 40 new officers on foot downtown.

    "It really behooves the person who owns the property to make sure they have it in their possession at all times," said David Hartman of the New Haven Police Department.
    Yale police are investigating all these thefts and deployed undercover officers in several locations. They're also working with New Haven Police and businesses to prevent these crimes.