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AAA: Gas Prices are Down Across CT and the Country

The average price per gallon in Connecticut is $2.60, according to AAA.

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Prices at the pump are lower than this time last month, according to AAA, and they are expected to stay on a downward trend for several weeks.

"Gas prices are low at this time of year because, first of all, there is less of a demand," said Amy Parmenter, a spokesperson for AAA.

According to AAA, the average price per gallon for regular gas in Connecticut is $2.60. That price is down about four cents overall compared to last week and about nine cents compared to last month.

“A couple of cents per gallon does not really matter until you are putting in like $40 and then it adds up significantly," said Jeff Wheeler, while filling his car up with gas in New London.

In addition to less demand for gas, AAA attributes the lower prices to a drop in crude oil prices. According to the agency, the price of crude oil has dropped about $10 in the last month.

AAA said that gasoline stocks are also at an all-time high, factoring into lower rates at the pump.

"We are still a little bit higher than we were last year at this time," said Parmenter, citing an average price of $2.48 per gallon in Connecticut this time last year. "But it is definitely good news that the gas prices are on their way down."

While prices have decreased in the last month, Connecticut is still known for having one of the highest gas rates in the nation. You can drive to Massachusetts and gas up for about 7 cents less per gallon or pay about 8 cents less per gallon in Rhode Island.

According to AAA, prices are expected to continue to drop for the next several weeks. They said that it is normal for prices to drop at this time of year.

"Of course once we turn things around and people start with their spring breaks and then into the summertime travel, we will likely see gas prices rise again," said Parmenter.

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