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Some Doctors Opting Out of Access Health CT Plans



    Some Connecticut residents who have enrolled in health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act are finding out their doctors aren't participating in Access Health CT plans. (Published Friday, Feb. 7, 2014)

    Some Connecticut residents who had been counting on health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act are shocked to learn that their medical providers have decided not to participate in the Access Health CT plans.

    Deanna Larose, who signed up for a new health insurance plan, said she never thought she'd be in this position.

    "I'm frustrated," she said. "I feel let down."

    The Waterford woman takes medication for psoriatic arthritis. Last week, Larose's doctor told her something she wasn't expecting: that the office would not be participating in the Access Health CT plans.

    Larose said she was stunned.

    She has a pre-existing condition and signed up for the new health plan hoping it would change everything. Instead it's done the opposite.

    "It broke my heart," she said. "I have to say, I've been waiting a year and a half. This is my favorite doctor."

    It wasn't just that doctor. Larose said she could only find six orthopedic surgeons in all of New London County who might take her new insurance.

    "I'm back at square one," she said. "I don't know who is going to treat me."

    In some cases, insurance companies have reduced payments to physicians, which has forced them not to participate in new health plans.

    Matthew Katz, the head of the Connecticut State Medical Society said it's put doctors in a difficult position.

    "Reimbursement rates are very low with some of the new plans," said Katz.

    Larose, who was a supporter of the new health care law, isn't so sure about it now.

    "This Obamacare and this insurance was really supposed to change a lot of our lives and for me my stress is going through the roof," she said.

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