Animal Control Gets Enough Donations to Help Ginger

Milford Animal Control

Photos of an injured pup and the story of how she was mysteriously injured pulled at people’s heartstrings so much that they opened up their wallets to help her.

The pit bull named Ginger was found, badly burned, wandering in the Devon section of Milford last week and animal control reached out for donations.

So many came in that they will cover her medical care.

“The Milford Animal Control Office has received a tremendous amount of contributions for Ginger’s medical expenses and wish to thank everyone for their concerns for the dog and its situation,” Officer Jeffrey Nielsen, of the Milford Police Department, said in a statement. “They have reached a level of funding which will cover the medical expenses and are requesting that no more donations be sent to their office and the United Way. They have reported that Ginger’s conditions are improving daily with the ongoing treatments which are a result of the overwhelming support Ginger has received.”

Ginger had recently delivered a litter of puppies, and police were concerned that they did not know where the dogs were, but Ginger’s owners contacted animal control after learning that their dog had been found.

Ginger had escaped last Friday morning, they said, as she had done so in the past. The puppies were fine. Ginger’s owners have all eight and they are being cared for well, according to Milford Animal Control.

Milford police are not releasing the owners’ names and said they are not considered suspects.

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