Armed Robbery at University of Hartford Prompts Dorm Lockdown

Two armed men forced their way into a dorm room at the University of Hartford, prompting a large police response to the campus and a three-hour lock down at the dorm. 

The incident happened shortly before five o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Park River Apartments.  The two suspects barged into a room looking for cash, laptop computers, and other items, said university spokesman David Isgur.  Two students were inside the room at the time and were not hurt in the ordeal.  "The students were near the door and as the suspects were trying to take stuff the two students were able to exit the room and get to a public safety officer," said Isgur. 

Hartford and West Hartford police joined campus police in the investigation.  They immediately locked down the three story dorm that houses 248 students.  Police entered the building with their weapons drawn and began searching it room by room.  They also stopped all cars leaving campus, even looking inside some trunks. 

Classes went on as scheduled.  "This is a little nerve wracking," said Scott Lassen, a junior at the school.  "I felt safe in there though." 

The university sent text messages to students updating them on the situation.  At this point, it's not clear if the suspects knew the victims or if the suspects have any connection to the university, said Isgur. 

After about three hours, police ended their search of the dorm and the lock down.  They did not locate the suspects in the case. 

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