ATV Riders Illegally Cruise West Hartford Roads

A group of ATV rivers was spotted cruising the streets of West Hartford over the weekend.

NBC Connecticut’s Kate Rayner was in the passenger seat with her husband driving when several of the riders pulled up around them.

The riders, spotted at the red light in front of the Corbin’s Corner Shopping Center, decided to show off when the light went green. They weaved from one lane of traffic to another, popping wheelies as they passed WestFarms. All of these tricks were done on a busy stretch of road that cuts through West Hartford, Farmington and New Britain, and it happened in the middle of the day.

“It’s just unsafe. For pedestrians, for motorcyclists, people in the vehicles,” said Maggie Jaksina.

This type of activity is illegal.

In April, 10 people were arrested in Hartford as part of a multi-jurisdictional operation to curb this kind of behavior.

“I don’t think they should be anywhere where there’s any kind of traffic. That’s for off-roading,” said West Hartford resident Kathy Neidhardt.

New Britain police said ATVs riding illegally on city streets are a known problem, especially on Sunday afternoons, but they haven’t had as many reports this year as compared to others.

Police don't chase ATVs on the street due to safety reasons, so they rely on other means of enforcement, including asking the public to help them identify where the vehicles are stored.

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