Baby Who Captured Connecticut Hearts During Hurricane Sandy Turns Seven

Makenzie Amelia Cole came into this world seven years ago as Connecticut residents hunkered down while a storm named Sandy moved up the east coast, causing damage. 

As people across Connecticut shared photos of the aftermath of the storm, the Cole family decided to send in a photo of they own Hurricane Sandy experience. It was a picture of their newborn baby girl, Makenzie, swaddled in pink. 

“During the broadcast we had seen pictures of the aftermath of Sandy coming into NBC Connecticut so my husband jokingly said, ‘Well she's an aftermath of Sandy, so let's send in a picture of her’ and before we knew it she was up on your Facebook page," Loren Cole, Makenzie’s mom, said during an interview in 2013.

Immediately, Makenzie captured hearts.

The Facebook post was shared many, many times and generated thousands of comments. See the post here. 

Here is the story NBC Connecticut did when she turned a year old.

 This video is from 2013.

Today, Makenzie is 7 years old and her mom shared a new photo of a girl who brought a bright moment to many people across Connecticut just when they needed it the most.

Happy seventh birthday, Makenzie!

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