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Bear Euthanized After Attacking and Killing Dog in Burlington

A bear was euthanized after it attacked and killed a dog in Burlington Monday, according to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

DEEP spokesperson Lee Sawyer said the department received the report of the bear attack on Bradley Road just before 2 p.m. 

Connecticut State Police said that the caller reported that when she let her two dogs out, one was attacked and killed.

Local and State Police responded. State police said the bear got aggressive toward an officer and was euthanized on scene.

Sawyer said there were three cubs in the area they believe belonged to the bear. A wildlife biologist captured them to relocate them to safety.

The mother bear was protecting the cubs and one of the dogs went outside," said neighbor Charlie Bates.

Neighbors told NBC Connecticut that bears are common in the area. Craig MacDonald said he just had a bear take his garbage.

“I went to scare her off because I had my son outside and she got up and growled and was scratching at the tree. So I knew she was agitated," he said.

For more information on bears and how to respond if you encounter one, click here. 

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