YouTube Star Gets “Best Daym Takeout” Show on Travel Channel

A Five Guys review launched him to online stardom.

Are you in search of the “Best Daym Takeout” in the country? 

Connecticut-based Daymon “Daym” Patterson will be taking his Internet talents to the television screen for a new series on the Travel Channel.

Best Daym Takeout” will feature Patterson traveling to various cities across the country in search of the best takeout food, including Atlanta, Portland and San Francisco.

Before he was picked up by Travel Channel, Patterson was living in New Britain, Connecticut, and working at a CarMax dealer. 

Patterson rose to Internet stardom as a YouTube sensation by posting over-the-top reviews of various takeout dishes -- everything from cheeseburgers to French toast sticks -- that he consumed on his lunch break. All of them were filmed and narrated from the cozy front seat of his car.

“I was given 1-hour lunch breaks at my job, so I started grabbing quick bites to eat and started doing food reviews,” Patterson said.

Patterson would then take those videos and post them on YouTube.  Not long after, he started to notice that his videos, along with his YouTube channel, were gaining quite the following. 

A friend of his recommended that he go and try out the popular burger joint “Five Guys Burgers and Fries,” which was right up Daymon’s alley.  It turned out to be much more than just another lunchtime review and the video launched him into stardom.

“Five Guys Burgers and Fries was the first review that started getting 4,000-5,000 views,” he said. “By the end of the day, it was over 300,000 views.” 

In total, his YouTube channel has racked up more than 12 million views. 

The Travel Channel took notice of the ever-growing popularity of his eccentric takeout reviews and approached Patterson with the idea for a show. 

After getting over the nerves of working with a production crew, he quickly settled into his role as host and embraced his signature personality. For Patterson the jump to telvision is more than just a new job, it’s a continuation of his passion for food and a new outlet to share that with others.

“I want to take viewers on an emotional roller coaster ride with food,” said Patterson. “If I do my review and you’re not hungry, then I didn’t do my job.”

He visited national chains in his homemade videos, and now wants to turn his attention to local hot spots.

“I’m looking for where the locals go. I want to go to your backyard and see what you love,” he said.

In each city, Daymon will take viewers on a tour of the area and then delve right into the takeout. Each episode will consist of three restaurants in Daymon’s pursuit to find the very best. 

Patterson is grateful for the opportunity and said that this experience is as much for him as it is for his fans.

“I’m still amazed every day,” said Patterson.  “But I’m feeling like nothing’s changed, I’m still Daymon.”

“Best Daym Takeout” premiers Wednesday, July 31 at 10 p.m. with back to back episodes. 

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