Honoring Clemente's Debut by Boycotting Baseball

It's only for one day and it's to benefit charity

Die-hard baseball fans unite but it's by not watching any baseball. 

An Easton man is asking fellow fans to boycott Major League Baseball for the day Friday. That means you can't go to a game, watch it on TV or even listen to it on the radio on Friday, April 17.

“We want to inspire people who, like us, are frustrated. For one day, we can come together as baseball fans to make a positive impact on our communities. Then we can all go back to watching the game we love the very next day,” Lucas Swineford said.

Swineford hopes you'll use the time, three hours, and the money you usually spend on America's pastime, $13, and donate them to charity.

So he's started a website called Baseball Fans Give Back

According to the site "we believe baseball has made a mockery of itself and shown disrespect to us -- the fans -- thanks to its mishandling of the steroids issue." 

"I was driving in the car and I heard some highlights from the Alex Rodriguez interview with Peter Gammons after he admitted he took performance-enhancing drugs," Swineford told the Stamford Advocate. "I almost drove off the road."

 He picked April 17 because it's the day that Roberto Clemente made his big league debut.

Friday, Baseball Fans Give Back is practicing what they preach and hosting two “Baseball Day” events with Domus, a Stamford-based, organization that works with at-risk and under-privileged youth.

One was Day" event was held at Trailblazer Academy in Stamford Friday morning. The second was held at Chester Addison Community Center, 245 Selleck St., in Stamford from 4-6 p.m.

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