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Bradley Busy As Holiday Travel Rush Begins

The TSA is reminding travelers to think before you pack during the holiday rush.

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The countdown to Christmas is underway and lots of travelers are expected to be on the roads, on trains and in the air to get to their desired destinations.

At Bradley International Airport, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) typically screens about 9,000 travelers a day. During the holidays, TSA is expecting that number to spike to 12,000 passengers per day.

Breanne Knightly is one of the many people who showed up to the airport to pick up a loved one. Knightly’s daughter Madalyn Leonard has been away in Texas where she currently serves in the Army.

“We haven’t seen her since October,” said Knightly. “We wanted to surprise her and give her the homecoming that she deserves.”

Leonard had to wake up super early and catch two flights to be reunited with her support system.

“I’ve been up since about 12:30,” said Leonard. “It’s amazing to finally be here and I’m so happy to finally be home.”

During the holidays, it can be difficult to remember what to and not to bring with you when coming to the airport.

Lisa Farbstein is a TSA spokesperson and is asking passengers to refrain from bringing wrapped gifts.

“We recommend that people not bring their wrapped gifts to the airport,” said Farbstein. “If it triggers an alarm, the TSA. agents have to resolve the alarm and the only way to do that is to unwrap the gift.”

Instead, TSA officials recommend using a gift box so agents can look through your items quickly.

There are a few holiday items that you can bring with you without any issues according to TSA security director William Csontos.

“If you have a pie or cake, you can typically bring that through the checkpoint,” said Csontos. “Empty water bottles are also okay.”

Farbstein said there is one rule of thumb to remember when bringing items with you on your flights.

“If you can spill it, spread it, spray it, pump it or pour it, then it should go into your checked bag,” said Farbstein.

TSA also recommends arriving 90 minutes before your flight departs.

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