Branford Man Points Gun at Off-Duty Officer: Police

A Branford man pointed a gun at an off-duty officer during a road rage incident on Wednesday night, police said.

Police said Anthony Vigliotti, 29, reportedly pointed a handgun at a New Haven officer at the intersection of East Main Street and Windmill Hill Road. 

The off-duty officer told Branford Police he was driving when Vigliotti started to tailgate his car and beeping, presumably because he wanted to drive faster. 

When the officer pulled to the Windmill Hill intersection, Vigliotti drove up alongside of the car and pointed a small black semi-automatic handgun before speeding away, Brandford Police said. 

At 9 pm, police arrested Vigliotti at his residence and seized his .45 caliber handgun and pistol permit.

Vigliotti is accused of following too close with intent to harass, second-degree threatening, first-degree reckless endangerment and second-degree breach of peace. 

He was released with promise to appear in court on July 19. 

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