Bristol Cafe Honors Betty White for What Would Have Been Her 100th Birthday

NBC Connecticut

For over 70 years, legendary actress and comedian Betty White dominated the small and big screen. 

But just less than almost a month shy of her marking a major milestone - 100 years of life - she died on December 31st, leaving a hole in the world of entertainment.

She’ll never be forgotten and a local cafe in Bristol is making sure of it.

“To honor Betty on what would’ve been her 100th birthday, we decided because her favorite foods in the world...ironically enough I guess, if you want to live to be almost 100 is hot dogs, french fries and Diet Coke,” said co-owner of The Parkside Café JR Rusgrove.

To pay their respects, the cafe created a special in honor of Betty.

“We created the Betty. You can come in all this week from the 17 to the 21st of January to the cafe and order any choice of hot dog you want, any topping you want, french fries and a Diet Coke," Rusgrove said.”

It isn’t just White’s favorite meal being remembered, but also her love for animals. 

Three pets shelters including Our Companions, Woof Gang and Dog Star will all be on the receiving end of a financial prize.

NBC Connecticut

“Proceeds from that sale will go to all three of the animal foundations we're working with,” said Rusgrove. “This is one of the times of the year pet rescue places can use this kind of help. They need blankets, toys. They need food, they need donations in the form of monetary funds,” Rusgrove added.

If people don’t want a hotdog, they can come in and leave a donation of money or supplies at the Betty box by the entrance. It's all in the spirit of celebrating and remembering the life of an American television Icon.

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