Brothers Make History in Effort to Bring Awareness to Foster Care System Challenges

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Fraternal twins from South Carolina are making history by walking across all 50 states to bring awareness to the challenges and hurdles many kids face in the foster care system.

Today, the dynamic duo is hitting the pavement in Connecticut showing that family isn't always blood - it is always love.

"Tavon was the only blood I knew for 17 years," Davon Woods said.

"He's all I had my whole life so we're very, very close," Tavon Woods said.

Since they were born, the brothers have shared the same looks, laugh and smile. Now, they're sharing a mission they say is more important than anything else.

They're dedicated to walking 20 miles in every state around the country.

"The reason why me and my brother are walking around the country for kids in foster care [is] because we grew up in the system, went 17 years not knowing anything," Davon said.

Born and raised in South Carolina, the boys were adopted at the age of two. They say their experience wasn't the greatest.

"It was just hard not hearing 'I love you' and not getting those hugs, not getting that support I needed as a child," Davon said.

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Foster care advocate Sana Cotten said she's been following their journey for a long time. She's the founder and president of a nonprofit organization called Unashamed Inc. here in Connecticut, which helps kids in the foster care system.

She was placed in foster care when she was four years old, and she supports the work the brothers are doing.

"Every home is not necessarily a great home. But I believe CT has worked really hard to try to make sure that we do an even better job and by we, I mean the Department of Children and Families [DCF] does a better job at vetting the homes and campaigning to get some really good homes, some good families involved, and we’re doing the work," Cotten said.

The state currently has over 3,000 children in the foster care system. Of that, 450 of them are over 18.

Cotten says DCF is committed to reuniting children with their families but if that's not possible, they will exhaust all efforts in connecting them with good people to take care of them.

The brothers now have Cotten's support, along with many others around the country.

"We've been getting support from all around the world, different countries, different places, so its been a blessing all by itself," Davon said.

The brothers say they're not sure what state they'll be walking in next, but they only have 28 states left.

If you'd like to follow the brothers' journey, you can head to their website.

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