Burglars Broke Into Bristol Homes as Residents Slept: Police

Bristol police are investigating after six homes were burglarized at night while the residents were sleeping.

The break-ins happened between Monday and Wednesday in the area of Jerome Avenue and Mix Street.

Residents were home sleeping at the time, in two of the incidents, intruders actually went into the sleeping victims' bedrooms and stole items, according to police.

"I got hit twice," said one victim, who asked to remain anonymous to protect her identity and her home. "Sunday night they went right through the front door. ... The second night, which was last night, they got sneakier and went through the basement."

Police believe the same people are behind the break-ins because of window screens were cut or removed in each case. 

"It's this window right here," said Bristol resident Samantha Myers, showing the window where burglars tried to enter her home. "They had kind of tried to push it up and the wood, you can see, is broken."
So far, Dorothy Road, Vincent Road and Barbara Road, have all been hit. The thieves made off with money, pocketbooks and credit cards, according to police.

Neighbors say residents of the area are on high alert and will be extra vigilant until an arrest is made.

"It's a violation," said Bristol resident Kim Laurie. "Even if they only took 10 cents or something useless, it's still a stranger in your house going through your things, and it's a violation."

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