Business Curfew Targets Crime

New Haven police photo

New Haven Police have enforced a curfew for businesses to crack down on crime and keep crooks away.
Grand Avenue in Fair Haven has been a place where many haven't wanted to be.  "It gets wild at gets wild at night," said John Black.  "I don't come down here alone at night," Christina Curtis added.  This area attracted the wrong crowd, and customers at the shops were a target. "People get robbed out here at night. I don't feel safe," Curtis explained.
The owner of Grand Avenue Deli just got a warning from the city, that said he must shut down at 11pm.   He didn't know this was the rule when he opened in July.  "Actually, I was surprised," admitted owner Ahmed Hadi. 

Places nearby had done the same since the curfew passed in 2004.  Pop Grocery was grandfathered in, and a few weeks ago it agreed to shut down early. "It's a good thing but it has to be fair all the other businesses in the area," Hadi explained.
Police told NBC Connecticut they noticed a big difference since Pop Grocery cut its nighttime hours.  They said crime was down and people around here felt safer as well. "
"There's been a big improvement since the businesses have closed," said Christina Curtis. 
The goal is to make this a long term trend.  If businesses are willing to make the small sacrifice, it could help this area thrive.

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