City Bees Extradited to Country

A 3-foot column of bees made a bad impression on the Upper East Side

Nearly 10,000 “suspects” are being extradited to Connecticut and they’re buzzing about being booted from the Upper East Side.  

Somehow, about 8,000 bees managed to build a giant hive in a tree between 80th and 81st streets without anyone noticing. They've since been shipped from the tony neighborhood and over the border to an undisclosed farm in Connecticut. 

"It was a 3-foot column of bees," Doug Becker, 40, told the paper.
When the queen bee flew the coup and went sightseeing, the entire swarm followed, the New York Post reports.
So, NYPD rounded up the massive swarm and took the buzzing brood into custody Monday. Now they’re being brought to a local farm to “pollinate.”
Police Officer Anthony Planakis, the NYPD's resident beekeeper for 30 years, said it was "one of the biggest swarms I've ever seen."
Ironically enough, this bee escape happened only days after more than a dozen amateur beekeepers swarmed City Hall in support of a bill to legalize their hobby.
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