Caffeinated Bear Climbs Tree in Enfield

bearenfield 2
Lori Gates

A bear went on a tear in Enfield on Monday, took a swig of coffee and caused school department officials to put Enfield High School on lockdown.

The bear chase ended when the cub climbed 20-feet up a tree along Route 5 near Interstate 91 in Enfield. Enfield police and state Department of Environmental Protection employees had the tree surrounded, tranquilizer gun ready.

As police and reporters tailed the bear, it rummaged through a garbage can, drank out of a Dunkin’ Donuts cup and took a bite out of a whipped cream container.

That delivered quite a surprise to the unsuspecting bear when the can’s contents made an abrupt exit.

The bear plopped down after several shots from a tranquilizer gun. He's being taken to Litchfield county.

The state DEP had tagged this same bear previously in Simsbury.

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