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Calvary Fellowship Hosts Egg-Hunt To-Go, Passes Out 22,000 Easter Eggs to Kids

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Connecticut churches have made changes throughout the last year to keep members safe while still taking part in annual traditions.

Calvary Fellowship wanted to keep members safe while still providing a little sense of normalcy by hosting an Easter Egg To-Go event.

One by one, families showed up to Conard High School to participate in the to-go event. Instead of kids going out to find Easter eggs, eggs were brought to their cars.

Volunteers had masks and instead of hugs, the church family exchanged waves from afar.

"We've been here doing the Easter egg hunt since he was a baby and it brings in so many people," said Stephanie Tsui, a long-time church member. "It's so great to see my church family and Pastor Bill, I really miss church a lot."

At least 22,000 Easter eggs were given out in small care boxes to kids and each to-go package was filled with eggs and a little bit of love.

"We took the idea from restaurants and we wanted to make the take-out egg boxes," said Pastor Bill LaMorey. "We made some for pre-school and elementary kids and we provided crayons, activity books that we put together to go along with online lessons."

A lot of lessons were being taught on Saturday morning by volunteers and their children.

"Being able to give that smile right back and give a little joy to people especially during this pandemic, it just vies you such a great feeling," said Jennifer Byrne, a member of Calvary Fellowship.

The church members said they're wishing for a better future and being together is what so many are looking forward to once the pandemic is over.

"The community needs hope, they need something fun and so that was our hope was to not only serve our church but to serve our community," said Pastor LaMorey.

Calvary Fellowship will host an in-person and online Easter service on Sunday, April 4 at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. at Hartford Stage.

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