Police Probe Animal Sacrifice

Police pulled the dead sheep from the water.

East Hartford police are investigating after finding a dead sheep and candles in a circle on a path in a wooded area off Main Street early Wednesday morning.

Police responded to the back of 740 Main Street, near town hall, at 7:17 a.m. on Wednesday and found the candles and a sheep, dead in the water, off the Hockanum River.

One person at the scene who did not wish to be identified reported seeing two women, dressed all in white, walk into the area on Tuesday night with a sheep, which was also draped in white.

There were also buckets of blood, coins, socks strong and wool left behind.

Residents said they saw candles burning in the middle of the night in the area. Police said the candles were still lit when they arrived on Wednesday morning.

The town pulled the sheep out of the water. According to a news release, officials disposed of the animal, but our crew said the sheep remains at the scene.

Police said they have no additional information and ask anyone with information to call police at 860-528-4401.

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