Carjacker Killed During Police Pursuit

A carjacker who apparently stole at least two cars Tuesday was killed when he crashed during a police pursuit, police said.

The chase that killed the driver started just before 9:30 a.m. when an elderly woman called 911 to report that a man armed with a knife had stolen her station wagon from the Rowayton Community Center on Highland Avenue in Norwalk, according to police.

"It was crazy. It was crazy," said Herb Edmondson, who was serving food at his canteen truck, when he witnessed the beginning of the car chase.

"Imagine nine or 10 officers rushing down the street all at once, one after the other, simultaneously ...  vroom vroom vroom," Edmondson said, describing the chase.

The driver fled on Woodward Road and led police onto Interstate 95 North. Witnesses said they saw more than 15 police cars, some unmarked, chasing the driver.

The car got off the highway at Exit 17 in Westport and hit two cars on Saugatuck Avenue, police said.

Police lost the car, but a short time later, a woman called 911 to report that she was carjacked in the area of Hermit Lane and Cavalry Road in Westport.

Police pursued and spotted the second stolen car on Weston Road and attempted to stop it. The driver would not stop, police said, and police chased the driver on Weston Road. The driver swerved into the southbound lane, lost control of the car and hit a telephone pole, snapping it in half.

The man was ejected about 100 feet from the car and the car sped into a second telephone and a traffic light stanchion before coming to rest at a stone wall.

The driver's identity is not being released, but authorities said he was wanted by police in several towns.

The driver reportedly fits the description of a suspect who broke into a Norwalk home overnight and stole a woman's purse. He also fits the description of a man wanted for an attempted carjacking in Easton.

State Police are investigating the Weston crash. Weston Road remains closed Wednesday morning.

Westport police are investigating the Westport carjacking and the hit-and-run crashes.

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