Man Claims Norwich Murder Case Accidental

He knew she was dead, but didn't call police

Details from the shooting death of a Norwich woman were released today and they tell a very unusual story based on what the accused murderer told police.

Chihan Eric Chyung, 46, is accused of shooting his wife on June 2 at their home at 257 Norwich Avenue in Taftville.  According to the prosecutor's report, Chyung claims to have shot his recently married wife accidentally, saying his finger was not “consciously” on the trigger when he fired it.

The report states that Chyung and his wife, Paige, had been arguing for most of the evening when she left the house. When she returned, Chyung had packed a suitcase and was waiting in the kitchen for her.

The arguing continued and when Chyung decided to leave, he realized he had forgotten his gun upstairs and went to get it.  He didn’t want to have his Glock 9mm pistol stolen, and since his wife didn’t know how to use it, he was going to take it with him.

Chyung told police that when he was about to put the gun away in his suitcase when it fired in the direction of his wife.  When he saw her lying on the kitchen floor with blood around her head, he knew she was dead and didn’t check to see.

Instead, he just left in his pickup truck with out calling police.  According to the report, as he was driving he "called a close friend and told him he had killed his wife.”  The friend urged him to go back and call 911.

On his way home, Chyung got lost several times and finally called police at 11:39 p.m., telling them, “I killed my wife. I killed her. I didn’t mean to,” according to the Norwich Bulletin. 

Chyung is still being held on $1 million bond for first-degree manslaughter with a firearm.  He has pleaded not guilty in the case, and is due back in court on Aug. 5.

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