Cider Mill Highlights Family Tradition, Classic Cider in Old Mystic

The smell of apples and cinnamon pierces through B.F. Clyde’s Cider Mill in Old Mystic and on a weekend, people usually have to wait their turn in line for a treat.

It’s something that makes the Miner family proud. Clyde’s has been a family business since it originated in 1881.

Since then, six generations have continued the tradition of making hard ciders, apple wines and sweet apple cider with a steam powered cider mill dating back to 1898.

Clyde’s is the last steam powered cider mill in the nation.

“I get to do the same job my great, great grandfather did and in the same way, basically,” said Amy Miner, the fifth generation at the family business.

“They all grew up here in a playpen, and sitting right here in the corner, and it’s nice to see them want to carry it on,” Harold Miner said. He co-owns the business with his wife Annette, the fourth generation in the Clyde family.

Since they took over, the Miners have added baked goods to the menu.

“I think that if each generation doesn’t contribute something, you don’t have anything,” Annette Miner said.

To many customers, the must-have is the apple cider donut. During the height of the fall season, Miner comes in as early as 4:30 a.m. on weekend to start her donut bakes. Her twin sister comes into town for that handful of weeks to assist.

“Long lines. Oh my goodness long lines,” Miner said, appreciating the community support.

But along with being family business, Clyde’s has become a family tradition for customers.

“My father’s been coming here for years,” said Patricia Wagner of Colchester. Even when her parents lived in Las Vegas, Wagner said she would bring Clyde’s during her visits.

“I’m bringing this to Boston for Thanksgiving. Even people in Boston want Clyde’s,” Debi McGrath of Waterford said.

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