Cleanup Continues at Shelton High School

Students Come Back to School to Pick Up Belongings

Parents and students made their way back to Shelton High School more than a week after a fire damaged the third and fourth floors. They were there to collect belongings left in lockers over winter break.
"Looks fine, smells fine, it doesn't look like it's any worse for wear," said Sandy Gasiorowski about her daughter's jacket.
School administrators had the belongings lined up in bags in the front hallways, and security guards helped students find which was theirs because they weren't allowed inside the school.
"They look for your bag with your locker number on it, and they bring it back to you," said Joseph Galazin, a Shelton High School fresman.
Students weren't able to take home their books, but they were able to get their clothes out of their lockers.  It was the school's way of making sure everything with that smoke smell got out of the building.
"What we want to do is just rid the building of a smoke odor. This is just one step we're taking to do that," said Shelton High School Headmaster Dr. Beth Smith.
Since the fire, reports have surfaced about the safety of the building.  They have brought up issues with sprinkler systems, smoke alarms and fire doors. Those reports were a concern to parents.
"They should have sprinklers, they shouldn't have passed the new building without sprinklers.  Someone did not do their job," said James Amante.
"Right now there are numerous violations in the building from what I can tell from the reports that are out there.  That's my biggest concern is whether or not the children are safe," added Gasiorowski.
The fire marshal said the existing part of the building where the fire happened does not require sprinkler systems.  School officials added the building is safe for staff and students.
"We're going through a number of inspections.  We've had the health inspector in here, we've had the building inspector in here, we've had building engineers here. We've just done another series of air quality tests," said Dr. Smith.
Officials said the school will be ready for classes to resume on Monday.
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