Comcast Cares Day at Sarah Rawson Elementary School

Saturday was Comcast Cares Day across the country, and thousands of people took part in the day of volunteering in Connecticut.

Comcast Cares Day is a year round commitment to volunteering and is the largest single day corporate volunteer event in the country.

“They get so much more out of it I think than the communities do, our people do. So it's a really special day,“ Watson said.

One of the many events held was at Sarah Rawson Elementary school in Hartford. Comcast Cable’s CEO and President, Dave Watson, surprised the students with a $25,000 check and more than 400 people spent the day fixing up the school.

“I am just so thankful and I feel that other people see what student potential we have and other people really believe in our school and that just makes my heart feel happy, because I know other people care about our students just as much as we do,” said Sarah Rawson Elementary School Principal, Tayarisha Stone.

Throughout the day children created art to decorate classrooms, an artist designed murals for the walls and people spent hours reorganizing the library books.

“I volunteered to do the murals for the community, it's all about connecting and you know doing things,” said the artist, Che’La’Mora from Hartford.

Volunteers also fixed up the Stem and Vex robotics rooms and turned the sensory room for special needs and autistic children into a soothing space. They also channeled Earth day and planted flowers while fixing up the garden around the school. A dedication ceremony of a tree near the playground ended the day.

“Volunteering is fun, to see the kids faces when you finish,” said Alex Lippman, who was on his sixth year of volunteering for Comcast Cares Day.

The kids in Hartford plan to carry on the mission and spread the message that their community cares.

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