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Community Mourns Teens Killed in Brooklyn Crash

Brenna Ann Larson and Shawnna Wojnowski were killed in a crash in Brooklyn early Monday morning. They were both 17.

Dozens turned out for a vigil Tuesday to honor two teens who died in a horrific crash in Brooklyn.

Their deaths have left their classmates and teachers reeling.

“It was a lot of tears. But there was a lot of reminiscing on old memories,” said Dakota Cicarelli. He was overwhelmed by the turnout at an emotional vigil for his sister Shawnna Wojnowski and her friend Brenna Ann Larson.

“I cried. A tear came to my eye because it just kind of showed the kind of people they were that this much of the community care about them,” said Cicarelli.

On Tuesday, family and friends traveled to the girls’ school, Ellis Tech in Danielson, where they mourned along with classmates and teachers.

Both were 17-years-old.

“Very well known in school. Always happy. Definitely cheerful and smiling. And they obviously showed there was a lot of friends. A lot of sad faces out there,” said Colin Tatsey, Shawnna’s cousin.

Many can’t believe the two are gone after a fiery pick-up crash on North Society Road in Brooklyn just after midnight on Monday.

There is a growing memorial where the Ford F-150 lost control, went down a ditch and burst into flames.

“It’s just sad that this happened. It’s very, very unfortunate,” said Tatsey.

A third 17-year-old girl who was also in the truck was rushed to a hospital in grave condition.

Investigators are looking into the circumstances surrounding the crash, including figuring out who was driving.

“I think that’s what hurting everybody more is that we just don’t know exactly what happened, what went down. So I think once we get answers it will definitely bring a little closure,” said Cicarelli.

Counseling was available at the school starting on Tuesday and the principal says it will continue as long as necessary.

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