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CT Congressional Delegation Members Describe U.S. Capitol Chaos; Governor Releases Video to President

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Members of Connecticut's congressional delegation described the scene of chaos as pro-Trump protestors stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday and Gov. Ned Lamont released a video urging the president to speak out against the riots.

The crowd breached the building as Congress was in session to count Electoral College votes certifying Joe Biden's election victory.

"They just recessed the House. A lieutenant of the Capitol Police is now addressing us. Capitol building breached. Both chambers locked down," Rep. Jim Himes tweeted.

Himes said congresspeople were told to get gas masks and that tear gas had been used in the Capitol Rotunda.

Sen. Chris Murphy tweeted he and his staff were safe and blasted President Trump.

The Capitol is supposed to be one of the most secure buildings in the country, and yet it was breached Wednesday.

"This is an insurrection. And President Trump bears responsibility. It will not succeed. It will not stop us from doing the work of democracy. It will not stop the transfer of power. Those responsible will be held accountable," Sen. Murphy said.

"I've been evacuated. I'm safe. This is a sad day for America," Sen. Richard Blumenthal said in a statement released by his office.

Blumenthal spoke on the Senate floor when Congress reconvened and his office released a statement early Thursday morning.

“Today was a stomach-turning, gut-wrenching moment in our history. Truly, it was an assault on the heart of our democracy. I want to join in thanking the first-responders and police, but I also want to thank others who have been heroes of our democracy – unsung in many instances,” Blumenthal said.

Rep. John Larson thanked capitol police for putting themselves in harm's way and laid blame on President Trump and others for inciting the chaos.

"This is on the hands of Pres. Trump, Sen Cruz, & everyone of the so-called party of law & order who are encouraging chaos right now to overturn the election," Larson tweeted.

Rep. Jahana Hayes described the scene at the U.S. Capitol as "unreal."

Later in the day, Rep. Himes said Congress would return to work to finish counting the Electoral College votes.

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro said she was relieved she and her staff were safe after the day's events, and said she was ready to complete the work of the count.

"January 6 will go down as a dark day in United States' history, but our democracy will prevail over the violent mob that ransacked our Capitol. In two weeks, President-elect Biden will take office and begin the work of healing our nation," she wrote in a statement.

Rep. Joe Courtney spoke with NBC Connecticut Wednesday evening, calling the actions of the group "anti-Democratic, violent behavior" and "the antithesis of a stable democracy." He said lawmakers are prepared to get back into session and that the events of the day cannot sidetrack their constitutional duty.

"We should just power through this. We cannot allow this type of an event to sidetrack what the Constitution mandates and which uh, prior Congresses have executed every four years like clockwork," he said.

"It’s a distressing time, but in some ways it really, I think for all of us, we gotta just dig deeper and really understand that oath we took Sunday night is not just window dressing or for show. It’s really a solemn duty that we all have to live up to the Constitution’s requirements," he added.

Governor Lamont Releases Video

Meanwhile, Gov. Lamont released a video on Twitter calling for the president to take action and call for his supporters to stop the breach of the Capitol.

"Demand that your agitators stand down and respect the peaceful transfer of power," Lamont said.

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