Connecticut Mayor Goes on Tweetstorm After Shocking ‘Walking Dead’ Premiere

walking dead

A Connecticut mayor who is a huge fan of The Walking Dead and is particularly upset about last night's shocking reveal.

Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton of took to Twitter after the deaths of beloved characters Abraham and Glenn on the popular AMC series on Sunday night. He jokingly declared that his public schools would have a 90-minute delay to mourn the passing of the two fictional characters.

The popular zombie apocalypse series has been known to kill off main characters and the beginning to the newest season was no different. Fans were left on the edge of their seat after last season's finale where nobody was sure who would be killed in a tense cliffhanger scene.

Like most of The Walking Dead episodes, the killing of these characters was gruesome and left nothing to the imagination.

Boughton was not pleased with the brutal murder of his favorite zombie-killers and called for a memorial service in their honor (that both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump would attend.)

The students in the Danbury School District might not be pleased with a tweet about cancelling Halloween to process these untimely deaths. Even the most hardcore Walking Dead fan might recover before the trick-or-treating begins next week.

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