Connecticut Residents Stock Up as Storm Nears Close

The first major snow storm usually get's people out to the store to buy essentials and this season is no exception.

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Here in New England the first major snow storm usually gets people out to the store to buy essentials such as ice melts, gloves and of course shovels, and this storm is no exception.

"Do you think it’s going to be big? I think it’s going to be big," said MaryAnn Gardener from Glastonbury. That's the question everyone is asking as they prepare for the storm that is forecasted to accumulate more than a foot of snow across the state.

Gardener is a regular at Katz Ace Hardware during this time of the year and said she had to make a visit for all the essentials. Gardener shared her shopping list saying, " I needed some larger gloves, plastic gloves and I got ice melt, four ice melts. We’re going to keep them in the back of our SUV."

Glastonbury resident, Joseph Lycitra has actually been preparing for the storm for some time and is making sure his family is all squared away.

"I’ve been getting ready for a couple days now. Got the snow blowers going and the other one for my son gas shovels."

Gardener and Lycitra had very different emotions when it comes to the storm with Gardener saying, "You know it’s kind of scary really all that snow whose going to take care of all that? I hope people stay in I really do."

Lycitra sees the snow day has an opportunity to unwind.

"I’m excited like I said I’m retired it gives me something to do I used to drive in the snow for a living and it’s nice to just sit back and not have to go out and work in it."

Katz Ace Hardware isn't the only store that's been packed. J Cofiell is the owner of Cofiell Sports and Power Equipment. For over 50 years they’ve been serving the Glastonbury community and with the past few winters being mild the upcoming storm has brought a renewed sense of urgency to the season.

"We' re seeing a lot of customers coming in getting their supplies, getting their fuels, stabilizers that kind of stuff to be ready," said Cofiell. "Oh it’s definitely a big spike in help - after last year's mild winter people are like 'Oh winters are all over' well we’re in New England," said Cofiell.

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