Connecticut Restaurants Call for Help as Pandemic Threatens Industry

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Since the start of the pandemic, more than 600 Connecticut restaurants have been forced out of business.

The possibility of having to shut down if business continues to suffer has led to a campaign to get assistance from the government and the public to help the state’s restaurants survive.

That bleak reality that hundreds of Connecticut’s restaurants are shut down and many more are on the brink has prompted the launch of a new online campaign for help: #SaveCTRestaurants.

“Forty-seven percent of our Connecticut restaurant owners said they will not, if nothing changes, they will not make it over the next six months. They will be closed. That number is stark. But that’s the reality,” said Scott Dolch, executive director of the Connecticut Restaurant Association, which is leading the new campaign.

The CRA is posting reminders across social media telling people that restaurants desperately need steady, continued support to survive the winter months. They also sent a letter to Gov. Ned Lamont and legislative leaders asking for additional state support for restaurants and a freezing of restrictions so that indoor dining can continue.

Jon Martin of Rooster Company in Newington is participating in the campaign.

“We’re here and we want people to come out and experience. It's still the same great places are out there. It is a very tough experience. Everyone is going to try to make it through the winter. You’ll see a lot more restaurants closed,” said Martin.

Read the CRA’s letter to the governor and state lawmakers here:

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