Connecticut’s Economic Twin: The United Arab Emirates

Getty Images

Few people are ever going to confuse Hartford for Abu Dhabi or Greenwich for Dubai, but it turns out that our little state has a few things in common with the United Arab Emirates.

Southern Connecticut and Dubai both have $250 truffle truffles, thanks to Knipschildt and Chocopologie, which expanded to the Middle East.

And Farmington-based Otis Elevator has installed a few elevators in Dubai. Until Friday, we thought that was where the similarities ended. Nope.

The people at the Economist see us as economic soul mates. When they matched U.S. states up with countries based on GDP and population, the UAE was our GDP match.

How an oil-producing part of the world is our economic soul mate is not really clear, but the Economist is an expert on, well the economy.

Our population match, however, is Moldova – a country that has only been independent since 1991 after the collapse of the USSR.

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