Man Behind Town Hall Memo to DNC: Prove It!

Bob MacGuffie, is the man behind the infamous "Rocking the Town Hall” memo that you’ve heard of unless you’ve been vacationing in a land without television, Internet or radio.

But, he claims, his group did not conspire with large corporations and lobbyists to create a national campaign to stifle the national health care debate and wants the DNC to prove otherwise.

His memo has been widely circulated and linked to the contentious town halls meetings in which “mobs” across the country question politicians about health care reform. 

MacGuffie, who’s from Fairfield, said he wants to set the record straight about the Democratic National Committee's allegations that his group is part of a well-organized campaign that is making noise at the President's town hall meetings to discuss health care.

He plans to do so at the state Capitol on Wednesday, when he challenges the Democratic National Committee to prove he's trying to sabotage the Obama administrations health care plans.

MacGuffie claims that quotes from his memo, which the liberal blog Think Progress first picked up, were falsified. He also dismisses critics who say the memo promotes disruptive behavior.

“This country was built on very robust debate,” MacGuffie said. “But make no mistake, the boisterous questioning is only aimed at forcing the people we elect to engage in a true dialog on issues and answer the electorate’s questions, and not deliver their rote responses taking puff-ball questions from audience members they know support their agenda.”

MacGuffie says he wants to "correct the record." He founded the conservative group Right Principles, with four other “freedom-loving patriotic Americans,” according to its Web site.

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