Cooler Air Blows in For Saturday, Warmer Sunday

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Dry, mostly sunny weather has set in and it will last through the weekend.

It will be breezy and chilly on Saturday, though with more sunshine, as temperatures rise to near 50 degrees.

Sunday should be completely sunny, with temperatures in the upper 50s.

Early next week, Monday looks to be dry with highs near 60.

The rainfall deficit (since 2015) will near 20 inches in the Hartford area on Tuesday.

It's possible that some rain is nearby on Tuesday, but there's a great deal of uncertainty.

The rain potential comes from a storm that will be offshore.

Minor coastal flooding is also possible early next week as a result of a full moon, one that will be closer to earth than most other full moons.

The storm could enhance the coastal flooding during high tide by a small amount.

Dry weather likely returns later Wednesday into Thursday.

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