Cost Controversy Over Ticket Prices for Hartford Baseball Stadium

A portion of Trumbull Street will be closed in Hartford starting Monday as construction begins on the new baseball stadium that will house the former Rock Cats to be renamed the Yard Goats.

As construction tees off, funding for the stadium is still up in the air amid a cost controversy over the price of a ticket. Lawmakers will discuss it at a public hearing Monday morning.

Normally when you go to a ball park, the ticket includes a 10 percent tax that goes back into the state's general fund.

But in Hartford, city leaders want the money to stay in the capitol city so they can use it to pay off the bonds needed to build the $56 million stadium in the first place.

Some say it's a backdoor way of raising money, while others say it's a good way to get the people who go to the stadium to help pay for it.

The public hearing will begin at 11 a.m. at the capitol building.

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