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Cost of Parking in West Hartford To Go Up Saturday

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NBC Connecticut

The amount of money that people visiting West Hartford will pay for parking will go up starting Saturday because of new state laws.

The new hourly rate will be $1.75 for metered parking and a discounted rate of $1.60 per hour if the transaction is paid with coins. Both rates include the new State of Connecticut sales tax.

New state legislation that went into effect on Jan. 1 that requires the addition of a 6.35 percent sales tax on parking services, including self-service metered parking facilities, according to West Hartford officials.

To be clear, parking rates in Town have not increased; the 10-cents per hour increase is for the State-mandated sales tax.

West Hartford town manager Matt Hart

The town will collect the sales tax, which goes to the state, and they said the town won’t receive a share of the tax proceeds.

West Hartford is working with vendors to adjust the kiosks and signage.


Anyone who uses the PassportParking app will pay $2.10 per hour, which includes the $1.60 base hourly rate, plus a 25-cent app fee and the new 25-cent convenience fee.


The fee for monthly permit holders is unchanged since 2007. The fee is $110 plus $6.99 in sales tax.

Editor's note: Town officials initially said the town would begin to charge a convenience fee of 25-cents per credit card transaction but found it cannot impose a convenience fee on credit card transactions. The rate for the PassportParking app has also changed.

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