Couple Reschedules Wedding Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

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Events continue to be canceled or postponed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. For those who've planned weddings, they're rushing to rebook. But one local couple says what's happening is a good reminder to not sweat the small stuff.

"We're just laughing because we've been engaged now for two years. And now by the time we get married, it will be a little over two years," said Deanna Roncaioli.

The walk down the aisle is taking a little longer than planned. But Roncaioli and her fiancé James Gorss are taking it all in stride after learning their spring wedding will now be a summer one.

"At this point we just want to get married. I don't really care about the details anymore. It's all going to be good," said Roncaioli.

The two began dating five years ago. They met while in grad school to become school counselors. When she said yes two years ago, the wedding planning began. But as the day got closer, they wondered what they should do. Then the governor canceled all large events.

"And it was honestly like, thank you for making that decision for us. We woke up the next day and hit the ground running and replanned it all that day," said Roncaioli.

The old cards are now replaced with new ones that have a July date. And the venue moved to the outdoors as they rushed to rebook.

"When we were on the phone with them, other brides were calling for dates too. So you pretty much have to pick your date, text your vendors, lock everyone in as soon as possible, so it was getting kind of competitive for spots," said Roncaioli.

"We've been really lucky because our friends and family have been super supportive, and all of our vendors have been super accommodating," said Gorss.

Roncaioli and Gorss say with everything going on, the stresses over colors and songs seem less important.

"When this all happened at first, it was like, 'Oh my gosh. This is our wedding. This is our special day.' But then it does put everything in perspective and does really ground you and you kind of think about things a little differently. And the small details are no longer even a consideration. We just want people to be healthy," said Gorss.

With their wedding date set, they're keeping their fingers crossed they won't need to rebook again and that they get that perfect day.

"I'm hoping it's sunny. I feel like at this point we deserve a sunny day," said Roncaioli.

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