Coventry River Rescue Caught on Video

Coventry police officers rescued a man who they say jumped into the Willimantic River Monday.

Police said they were called to search for the man after he ran out of his home upon learning of his wife’s death. Officers Robert Dexter and Olivia Beausoleil spotted the man hanging onto a log in the river, fighting the current.

The two officers crossed the rushing river on foot and were able to pull the man out of the water to safety.

Officer Robert Dexter said this was not a normal call.

“I’ve had calls that are critical or stressful but nothing like this," he said.

The man who was rescued had a limited swimming ability at best, and would have had a tough time making it out of the river on his own power.

The man, who was not publicly identified, was taken to Manchester Hospital for treatment.

“He kind of broke down when we got him out. but, other than that, health wise he was OK," Dexter said.

The side of the river where the man was rescued was not accessible by vehicle, so much so that rescuers had to take the man back to the other side of the river before putting him in the ambulance to head to the hospital.

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