Firefighter Injured While Rescuing Cat From Fire in Waterbury

A firefighter suffered a minor injury while rescuing a cat from a fire at an abandoned house on High Street in Waterbury Wednesday morning.

Crews were called to the vacant High Street home at 7:49 a.m. and found heavy fire.

Firefighters started fighting the fire from inside the structure, but then had to fight the blaze from outside because of the deterioration of the building.

At one point, witnesses saw a firefighter on a ladder, rescuing a cat on the second floor. An animal control officer at the scene initially said the cat bit a firefighter in the face during the rescue, but the fire chief said the cat scratched the firefighter.

The injury was minor and the firefighter was taken to the hospital to be evaluated, according to fire officials. 

Neighbors said the abandoned house is one of many buildings that have caught fire on High Street. 

The fire was contained to one building. The cause is under investigation.

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