Crime Caught on Tape

It’s a crime caught on tape. East Hartford police say 2 men robbed the Maple and Main Liquor store in broad daylight. The suspects don’t have masks on, but do have a gun.

 “They robbed her at gunpoint. They took some bottles of liquor and scooted out,” said Norm Johansen, a clerk at the package store.

 The clerk held at gunpoint was Johansen’s daughter in law. He says the man with the gun stood right next to her and he stuffed every bill from the register into his pocket.

 “She was very upset. Anyone who has a pistol pointed at them would be upset, but especially a young woman,” said Johansen.

 Police say the two men also helped themselves to a couple bottles of liquor before taking off in what police think was a silver or light blue car. Earlier in the day, police believe these two guys also robbed a pedestrian on the Founder’s Bridge. That pedestrian was walking home from work in Hartford when it happened.

 “Wow that’s bad. I walk this bridge a lot. Maybe there should be more police driving in this area,” said Paul Nobotasky of Glastonbury.

 East Hartford Police ask anyone with any information to give them a call.

 NBC Connecticut has learned Johansen’s daughter-in-law quit her job shortly after the robbery.

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